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Poe passed profile verification on October 5, 2009, 4:23PM

Reviewed by: eon

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Verified as 26 year old female

How Verification Works:

In order to pass verification, the member must upload two verification photos that are reviewed by an operator. The photos are required to meet standards of good quality and must be taken at two different angles of the face, each with a handwritten "salute document" visible in the photograph where the member has written out the name of their DS profile. In addition, the member is asked to hold up a certain random number of fingers in each of the photos. These measures help to make sure the verification photographs are authentic and not taken from some other source.

The operator will compare these verification pictures to the member's vital statistics (age, sex) as well as to any pictures they have already uploaded in their public galleries. The operator will pick out a "match picture" from the member's public gallery which they feel is a clear match to the verification pictures. This match picture is then kept on record and may be viewed by other members. By looking at someone's match picture, you can make sure that any other photographs the member has uploaded are of the same likeness. For example, if someone's match picture looked like a 45 year old man and the rest of the pictures in their gallery appeared to be of a teenage girl, you'd know that something was amiss.

Therefore, a match picture gives you a verified, reasonable visual likeness of someone.

If there is no match picture on a member's verification page, this means that no matching pictures were found in their gallery at the time of their verification. In this case, the member still had to upload verification pictures which were reviewed by an operator and those pictures will be on private record for site operators to reference at any time if called into question. Even without a match picture, you know that the member posted reasonable vital statistics and that they are a real person who took the time to upload verification pictures for review. Age (based on date of birth) and sex given at the time of verification are shown on their verification page (such as this one).

Why Verify?

Unfortunately, it is the hobby of some people to create fake profiles. "Fakes" are usually created with pictures that have been stolen from other people's profiles or from random image searches, etc. A phony personality is created around the stolen pictures, often times also using words that are stolen from other places on the web. The "fake" will assume this fabricated identity for any number of reasons (none of them very good) often for months on end until they are discovered. Sometimes, it's fairly harmless. For example, someone might want to use pictures of someone they find attractive so they can enjoy the attention they'll get. Other times, it's not so harmless. Predators may use fake identities to stalk and harass members of the community.

Verification is simply a way for everyone to help out and do their part to take action against fakes. It is completely voluntary, but it's a good way to let others in the community trust your identity.

How to Verify Your Own Profile:

As mentioned above, when your verification is reviewed, the operator will look for a "match picture" in your regular photo gallery to match to your verification pictures. If you haven't yet uploaded a few good pictures for your regular photo gallery, you may want to do that before submitting your verification pictures. Without pictures to match against, the verification isn't quite as useful.

If you have a webcam or digital camera handy and are ready to verify your own profile:

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