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location: Davisburg, Michigan (United States)

Last online: September 20th, 2012, 2:35 pm
member since: October 11th, 2007
title: Starling

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About Me

She is the shy girl hiding over there in the corner. Do you see her? Not many notice her, but when they do they can't stop. The few friends she has call her P'ash since she hates the commonality of her name, Ashley.

She was not like most children spending their days playing games and dreaming about growing up to be a doctor, teacher, or firefighter. Instead she sat and read her books drifting off wishing she could grow up to be an outsider and a vampire. Dreams that as strange as they are she still desires.

As time has passed she has grown and her days feel long and dull. There she sits and stands in her dark little corner waiting and watching everything going on outside of her little world. She enjoys wearing sexy comfortable clothes. She wears them in an attempt to see herself as an attractive young brunette. Her life never changes for she is afraid of change.

Regardless of being shy and nervous she has managed to find herself a wonderful person who enjoys her company. Her days would be dull without her amazing boyfriend, Dan. Though every day she sits wondering why they chose her-why she is just so special to them.

People have always found it hard to talk to her-or they used to when she actually ventured outside of her cozy little home. She remembers the nasty looks when she uses the handicapped parking spaces or the laughs when she trips and falls over nothing. The silence when people learned she was disabled. The quiet jeering in regards to her "duck-like" walking or the "hunchback" stature you see when she stands.

Instead she spends her days sitting in her corner doing whatever her boyfriend asks and surfing the internet. From here she watches the people talk and learn about so many different people. Beyond this she spends her time studying medical terminology and different medical fields. She is a hard worker going to school trying to get a degree in Orthotic and Prosthetic technology. Why does she want this? Even she is not sure why she does.

She feels the most open hiding behind her computer screen talking without having to be face to face. A place where she is free of her shyness. Beyond the computer screen she finds freedom hiding behind a camera or being the center of attention for the camera.

Sitting here she writes about herself and her own life. She sings the story of her life quietly in hopes that no one will hear her voice. Whispering out she tells the world that all they have to do is ask and she will answer.


You may not know me

And you may not care

But those who do

Sit down and learn a little

I can be an asshole

And that's life

Deal with it

I hate fake profiles

If you are one just leave

Don't say I'm fake

I am the one with a salute

Not the asshole who stole my pics

I like a lot of things...

I love my boyfriend, Dan...

For those who take the time to get

close to me I cherish our friendship...

I love the night and the dark...

I attempt to write, but generally give up

having decided that what I wrote isn't good enough...

I love learning new things... I spend my time reading

and engulfing myself in new ideas and concepts.


My disability (Charcot Marie Tooth disease)

Life and what it's thought to be

Favorite Music




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hey how did you get that image to be in the background of your profile. by the way nice profile. a good read might i say .


life ills poison my body, one must be come water be formless

September 19, 2012, 11:59AM


remember me?

November 9, 2011, 4:16PM