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Xenoblade Chronicles
December 6, 2011, 1:34AM


"Nintendo has confirmed on Facebook that the game will be arriving stateside."It's confirmed! Next year, Wii players throughout North America can wield the Monado blade and join the epic battle between the Homs and the Mechons in Xenoblade Chronicles. Like this post if you're ready for an adventure on the surface of two frozen Titans!"

According to NeoGAF user Square Triangle, Xenoblade Chronicles will be making its way to North America despite Nintendo's previous statements. The rumor points to GameStop as the sole retailer of the product and we can expect to see it sometime in April 2012. Since the game would flow specifically through a sole retailer, it would organically limit the number of copies produced, and provide the niche audience a single location from which to make their purchase. Here is the evidence:


This keeps Nintendo from over saturating the small market to which this game appeals. Nintendo has fueled these rumors even more by adding some screenshots of Xenoblade to its Facebook page. Those screenshots are graciously posted in the space below, for your pleasure. Now if we only knew what was going on with The Last Story or Pandora's Tower. Let the speculation begin!



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