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19 Amazing Video Game Cakes
January 9, 2012, 11:16AM

Serious gamers know just how time-consuming gaming is, often making it difficult to do anything besides working (only to buy more games) and playing the games themselves. Even so, gamers usually do still manage to have lives outside of the console; these cakes are some of the amazing creations born as a result.


While most people dedicate their gaming obsessions to the specific games they play, others adore entire consoles. For those who worship at the altar of the original NES, Debbie Does Cakes has made a simply amazing cake complete with some of the systemâ??s most classic characters.

Of all the console cakes around, this PS3 cake by Pink Cake Box, accessorized with a Blackberry and spilled Pepsi can, might best capture the gaming lifestyle for those truly dedicated few.

Thereâ??s nothing quite like the feeling of pulling a new system out of its box for the first time and this Nintendo DSi cake by Pink Cake Box perfectly captures that blissful feeling.

Lego Batman

While most video game cakes focus on the characters in the game, Elisa Strauss from Confetti Cakes made a great decision when she chose to focus on the amazing backdrop of the Lego Batman game for this cake, created specifically for the gameâ??s launch party.


It should be no surprise that video game launch parties are the source of some of the most impressive video game cakes around. If you need further proof, just check out this amazing Skyrim cake from Bethesdaâ??s recent party for the game, as created by the legendary Charm City Cakes of Ace of Cakes.


One of the most amazing things about this great Bioshock cake is the simple fact that this was only the fourth time the creator had ever worked with fondant. While the faces arenâ??t quite perfect, I think Flickr user futurestar101 certainly has a gift for cake design and, with a little practice, she could in fact be quite a star in the cake-making world.


While Q*Bert might not be as popular as many of the other console heroes from the past, thereâ??s no denying that he does make a fantastic cake model. Just ask creator Karen from the Highland Bakery.


There are tons of cakes dedicated to this classic game, but DeviantArt user anafujiâ??s Super Mario chess set cake, based on an actual board game, just might be one of the cutest as it includes all of the best characters in the game.


Flickr user hello naomi is the queen of Pac-Man cakes because, while there are plenty of Pac-Man-inspired sweets out there, none capture the essence of the game as well as this set of cupcakes.

The Legend of Zelda

Like Mario and Pac-Man, there are plenty of great cakes based on this classic NES game, but this Wind Waker cake by Little Cherry Cake Company is the most epic one Iâ??ve ever seen.

World of Warcraft

Speaking of epic cakes, Cake Central user nwelperâ??s World of Warcraft cake is by far the most epic on this list and might be one of the most epic cakes ever created in general.

Star Craft

Star Craft may not be as widely loved as many classic console games, but the MMO has more than a few dedicated fans and apparently they love to bake cakes. At least, thatâ??s the impression I got after looking over this great gallery of fan cakes from one Star Craft forumâ??s contest. While there are plenty of great cakes at the link, a few that really stand out are Vincze01â?²s (above) and papeâ??s (below).

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a great game, but sometimes you just have to wonder how the physics would actually work out in the real world. Fortunately, Mike Cooper created this brilliant playable cake version of the game so anyone could find out for themselves. In fact, he even included directions so you can make your own.

If youâ??ve ever wondered what the Angry Birds would look like in real life, look no further than this clever Threadless shirt. It was rendered in cake version by Jamie Masterson as part of the Threadcakes competition that encourages fans of the tee shirt site to turn their favorite designs into edible treats.

Plants vs Zombies

One of the greatest things about Plants vs Zombies is just how cute the animation in the game is. Thatâ??s why this adorable cake, by OCâ??s Little Kitchen, is such a perfect tribute.


The in-game cake may be a lie, but this cake version of a space core by Mikeâ??s Amazing Cakes is anything but.

One of the gameâ??s most iconic symbols remains the Companion Cube though, and hereâ??s a fantastic one by All About The Cake.


Mikeâ??s Amazing Cakes not only makes amazing Portal creations, but also is quite gifted when it comes to Halo designs. Hereâ??s his wonderfully detailed take on Master Chiefâ??s helmet.


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Re: 19 Amazing Video Game Cakes
January 9, 2012, 1:10PM



Dragon Live Life

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Re: 19 Amazing Video Game Cakes
January 9, 2012, 4:49PM

i want them all

granted i would probably die after eating one of them xD


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Re: 19 Amazing Video Game Cakes
January 9, 2012, 10:15PM

....I want the Bioshock one for my birthday.



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Re: 19 Amazing Video Game Cakes
January 11, 2012, 11:57AM

Some of these are just phenomenal. The Lego Batman and Wheatley ones look more like well made props and such instead of tasty delicacies. Very awesome indeed.


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