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Addicted to Hate; and why gays don’t go to hell
September 20, 2006, 2:09AM

by: Bohemian

An article which my aspiring journalist friend has written addressing the treatment of gays:

To begin, I have never been the biggest gay rights activist the world has ever seen. I am gay, but I never saw the reason in defending myself against something I don’t feel I should have to. But a few articles of news have caught my attention.

Until now, I've never witnessed true persecution, just a few schoolyard bullies and bible-bashers. I learnt to deal; it's not like it's anyone's opinions but their own that they're voicing. But today I read a story in the newspaper about a guy in America that wore a dress to his prom and was denied access. It's unfair and bigoted, but nobody died because of it.

I then googled the story, and in the process unearthed the black, filthy underbelly of discrimination that extends here to Australia too. Doctors in the Northern Territory and Western Australia refuse to treat patients with AIDS, and one documentary filmmaker quotes a particular MD in Adelaide saying "By not treating these AIDS fu**ers, I'm doing my country a service and sending these faggots to hell- a fate they deserve." People like this individual are the reason there is war in the world. They are the reason social equality will likely not exist within our lifetime. They are the reason more than half a million gay teenagers in Australia are killing themselves each year.

But back to America, where all of Australia's social standards, fads, opinions and prejudices come from. In the land of plenty, it is in fact true that plenty of people wish that plenty of gays would just go away. I had to do a double take when I read that it is in fact illegal to just be gay in 20 states of America under sodomy laws. That's not even beginning to scratch the surface of marriage and adoption rights.

Another story I read was about a teenage boy named Matthew Shepard. He was violently gay bashed in Wyoming, USA. He was beaten and left hanging on a fence to die, a fate he inevitably succumbed to. Enter Fred Phelps. A Baptist preacher who rallies anti-gay protests all around America. He gathered his hateful propaganda and his disgusted troops and picketed Matthew Shepard’s funeral, harassing his grieving mother and telling her that “her son was a bad man who is rotting away in hell for his sins.”

And so, while I would never dream of comparing my life to Matthew Shepard’s I see the need now to stand up for not only myself, but for those who no longer have the chance to.

Now I don’t have a problem with people voicing their opinion, if I did I’d be a hypocrite for writing this e-mail. But when some one substitutes their voice for their fists, that’s when I get a touch angry. But what sticks in my craw worse than anything else is when homophobic haters hide behind the bible to justify their rampant abuse. I believe in God. To a degree, I’d say that I consider myself a fairly upstanding Christian. But when people preach that “God hates fags” like Fred Phelps and his legion of supporters do, It almost makes me angry enough to abandon the faith altogether. But not quite. It’s true that the bible does contain quotes that prohibit homosexuality. But, my Holy Book-abusing friends, did God write the bible? That would be a no. So I’d take anything I read in there with a grain of salt. You’ll forgive me if I ignore the part about gays burning in hell if in the same breath I’m told of seas parting for slaves and people rising from the dead. For something that clearly is a work of fiction, penned thousands of years ago by a bunch of homophobic dead guys no less, a lot of people live their everyday lives by it so strictly it’s as if it were the south beach diet.

I don’t think that gays have to fear hell. I think gays, and all people for that matter, have to fear hell being brought to earth by people like Fred Phelps and his followers.

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