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Homophobic men are really closet queers
September 1, 2007, 1:01AM

by: temperance

and the American Psychological Association can prove it:

August 1996 Press Release

WASHINGTON -- Psychoanalytic theory holds that homophobia -- the fear, anxiety, anger, discomfort and aversion that some ostensibly heterosexual people hold for gay individuals -- is the result of repressed homosexual urges that the person is either unaware of or denies. A study appearing in the August 1996 issue of the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, published by the American Psychological Association (APA), provides new empirical evidence that is consistent with that theory.

Researchers at the University of Georgia conducted an experiment involving 35 homophobic men and 29 nonhomophobic men as measured by the Index of Homophobia scale. All the participants selected for the study described themselves as exclusively heterosexual both in terms of sexual arousal and experience.

Each participant was exposed to sexually explicit erotic stimuli consisting of heterosexual, male homosexual and lesbian videotapes (but not necessarily in that order). Their degree of sexual arousal was measured by penile plethysmography, which precisely measures and records male tumescence.

Men in both groups were aroused by about the same degree by the video depicting heterosexual sexual behavior and by the video showing two women engaged in sexual behavior. The only significant difference in degree of arousal between the two groups occurred when they viewed the video depicting male homosexual sex: 'The homophobic men showed a significant increase in penile circumference to the male homosexual video, but the control [nonhomophobic] men did not.'

Broken down further, the measurements showed that while 66% of the nonhomophobic group showed no significant tumescence while watching the male homosexual video, only 20% of the homophobic men showed little or no evidence of arousal. Similarly, while 24% of the nonhomophobic men showed definite tumescence while watching the homosexual video, 54% of the homophobic men did.

When asked to give their own subjective assessment of the degree to which they were aroused by watching each of the three videos, men in both groups gave answers that tracked fairly closely with the results of the objective physiological measurement, with one exception: the homophobic men significantly underestimated their degree of arousal by the male homosexual video.

Do these findings mean, then, that homophobia in men is a reaction to repressed homosexual urges, as psychoanalysis theorizes? While their findings are consistent with that theory, the authors note that there is another, competing theoretical explanation: anxiety. According to this theory, viewing the male homosexual videotape may have caused negative emotions (such as anxiety) in the homophobic men, but not in the nonhomophobic men. As the authors note, 'anxiety has been shown to enhance arousal and erection,' and so it is also possible that 'a response to homosexual stimuli [in these men] is a function of the threat condition rather than sexual arousal per se. These competing notions can and should be evaluated by future research.'

Article: 'Is Homophobia Associated With Homosexual Arousal?' by Henry E. Adams, Ph.D., Lester W. Wright, Jr., Ph.D. and Bethany A. Lohr, University of Georgia, in Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Vol. 105, No. 3, pp 440-445.


The American Psychological Association (APA), in Washington,DC, is the largest scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States and is the world's largest association of psychologists. APA's membership includes more than 142,000 researchers, educators, clinicians, consultants and students. Through its divisions in 49 subfields of psychology and affiliations with 58 state and Canadian provincial associations, APA works to advance psychology as a science, as a profession and as a means of promoting human welfare.

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Orgin of Sagging pants
June 8, 2007, 10:12AM

by: Syn

I was walking down the street to go get a few redbulls and some snacks for the week i see a few kids wearing baby blue tshirts that don't look like they fit them and their pants were above their knees. I then decided to do some research on why they do that. It all started with "Gangster Rap" which was originated in prison. here exactly is the definition of "The Sagging Of the Pants."

"Sagging" is the fashion of wearing trousers (slacks, shorts or jeans) below the waist, hanging around the buttock area. Usually the underwear is worn higher, so that the underwear is exposed, but not much bare skin. The style is typically worn by males.

Sagging began in prisons, where ill-fitting uniforms and rules forbidding belts resulted in falling-down pants. The practice spread to Los Angeles and New York City street gangs. This style expresses a "tough guy" image for the wearer, and became a prominent element of hip hop fashion as gangsta rap became popular in the 1990s, and remains very popular today, especially with middle and high school students.

In many school districts across the United States, sagging is prohibited. The Virginia General Assembly tried but failed to approve a law making the sagging style illegal in February 2005.

Now thats just one of the many definitons of "sagging." It did start in the prisons but it meant that the person with sagging pants was a so called "prostitute" or even "open for buisness." The technical term they use in prison is "Prison b***h" now i know that its considerd a fashion but do half of these people out there know where it came from? Where its orgin lies? I think not but maybe if they were to read or hear about it from actual people going to jail maybe then they will change their mind and wear a belt or pants that fit them. In my all honest opinion they need to pull their pants up no one wants to see their boxers or underwear showing.

So next time you see someone walking down the street with their pants almost at their ankles inform them the orgin of "Sagging the Pants."Maybe the they will pull them up and fasten the belt or even go out buy some pants that actualy fit and look more civilized.

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The Chromosome of Missing Sense and (Personal) Space Invaders
May 10, 2007, 9:23AM

by: Dark_Alice

Recently I blocked a girl on here who added me to msn.

Now this girl seemed really nice, she was pretty and there seemed nothing wrong with her in any way.

So why did I block her I hear you ask?

It was because she just added me to msn without talking to me properly.

Now before we start, this entry isn’t an attack on her, I was just using her as an example because it seems a lot of people have this missing chromosome that doesn’t allow them to read profiles properly. I clearly stated in huge bold letters on my profile that I want people to at least have a bit of a chat with me before adding me to msn.

Now I used to freely put my email at the bottom of my profile because I thought (Wrongly) that people would have the sense to talk to you properly before adding you.

The odds are that I won’t even like you when you add me to msn randomly, and its not like I will hide it or am too shy to tell you to get lost (and that is me being polite there lol…). I mean, would you really want to add someone you think you would get on with to msn, only to be confronted with someone like me being all abusive because you didn’t have the decency to chat first? Or what’s worse, adding someone you like because you read their profile and finding online they are nothing like the page they made on the net? Of course not, it would put a bit of a damper on your day, so why the hell risk it?

All this isn’t me being elitist or anything, it’s just manners. You wouldn’t ask someone you don’t know and is completely un-interested in you for their phone number. You would talk to them, let them know you a little, make them want your number as much as you want there’s. Same goes for email as far as I’m concerned.

In the last 2 months I have had a wide range of people add me to msn from here, ranging from girls who were ‘bored and wanted to chat’, people who add me and then never talk to me, cool people who I have things in common with and one perv from Turkey who thought I was a girl and probably wanted webcam action... before you ask, he didn’t get any, although he did get promptly deleted.

Now I love talking to new people, it’s the reason I joined this and any other profile site I have ever joined. Isn’t that why we all join profile sites? This little commentary may make me look like a bit of an angry antisocial guy but I’m not, people fascinate me and I like to think I’m quite pleasant usually. 99.9% I will reply to your message if you send me one. But obviously, the internet is littered with lots of people you are going to love, and an equal amount you are going to want to poke out their eyes with [insert your pointy object of choice here], so really it makes sense to test out the water first with someone to see if they fall into the good category or the pokey-eyes-out category. And the best way to do that is by sending them a message or two.

This article is a plea. A plea for sense, because I’m pretty damn sure I’m not the only person on the internet who gets this from time to time.

Reading someone’s profile and looking at their pictures does not mean you know them. Profiles can be a little deceiving. Before you add someone or ask them for their email, get to know them a tiny bit beyond their profile. Don’t just come barging into their space, adding randomly or demanding emails and I think they will respect you a little more for it.


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January 2, 2006, 8:37PM

by: Satchell

Taken from my blog at http://www.satchell.blog-city.com
When you are observing somthing you want to be as objective as possible. If you allow your feelings to get in the way you will report flawed results. When you have actions (for a large company for instance) that are also warped due to personal feeling based on those results then you don’t get 100% results from that. What I am trying to say is all human observation is flawed. A camera for instance only records what it sees because it cannot analyze and skew its recordings. That’s why photography is so great. You can capture what you want to show with perfection. You don’t need to observe and memorize your results so you can toss them about on such a blog... not to say that I don’t have a vast amount of pride in this blog. It can never be 100% correct. Good thing I am not here to give 100% perfect results... just my thoughts. So it works out. Another thing I wanted to talk about is how everyone has difficulty accepting radical change. Revolutions are necessary in order to keep civilization in check. With any new government change a huge ripple of anger and rebellion spread. For instance I was not overjoyed at new years because I saw it as pointless. Why celebrate a random date when you can celebrate every single day the same way? Why put off progression and evolution when you can have a cup full of it daily? Because people are afraid of change and need to roll it all up into a single date so they can lie to themselves and pass it off as change. I will stop drinking. I will quit smoking. I will get a new lifestyle. Lies! I choose not to lie to myself because social traditions tell me to and most do not accept that. In older times young boys needed to take up large amounts of responsibilities because off famine or poor living conditions. Now living conditions have gotten better (for some. lots of poor still around) so people can take less responsibility. I will give you an example. Anyone ever seen a Christmas story? You can’t have that air rifle because you would shoot your eye out. In older times kids were given weapons to train with so they could fight. Here Jacob... have a 20lb axe... don’t chop off your leg! Then you will need to hop to the tiger. So in conclusion my outlook on life is changing and I think yours should too.

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did we fly to far from neverland?
April 30, 2005, 4:44PM

by: Used_daily

ok first of all id like to say that this article prolly wont come out wrong and im going to sound like im talking shit, but i asure im not.

i was noticing the other night while laying down to go to sleep, its become a new trend or style perhaps to be unhappy.now granted im sure some of these people who say theyre so unhappy really do have reason to be.....but it seems to me alot of these people really dont. now im sure i dont know them or how they truly feel, i may be very much mistaken but in my opinion, its the new fad to be depressed.

not to whine but ive had plenty of reason in my life to be unhappy for years, and yet i dont wallow in my sarrows and post them all over the place.im actualy a very posative and happy person.allright, i say this purly for the sake of discussion....but i guess the greatest example of what im talking about is this "emo" craze going around. now dont get me wrong, alot of my friends are what people call "emo" but, in the context of the steriotype doesnt it mean 'emotional'? well why does the emotion always have to be sad or depressed? why cant some one be happy 'emo'?

it seems to me these people wave thier small tragedies and problems like a red flag as if thats what theyre style is....attention?

or on the other end of the spectrum....the sad, dark and lonely people. and again, im sure some of these people really do like the darkness, sadness and isolation. but in turn, dont u think theres a large mass of people who are kind of playing a part. not to imply that these people are "posers" but it does seem that its the trend.

pretty much what im trying to say is sence when did it become un-kool to be happy?
and so very kool to be sad?

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