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age: 28
sex: male
sexuality: straight
location: The Great Below, Florida (United States)

Last online: September 3rd, 2013, 2:36 am
member since: September 21st, 2007
title: Starling

Blog: if you steal my lyrics, have enough respect to SAY I WROTE THEM!

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About Me

My Name Is Alexander (or alex or Snowflake)

I'm 26
I'm a left handed LIBRA
I'm a buddhist (not the orange toga people)
Karma revolves HEAVILY in my life, i do too much good but only get bad

STILL don't drink or smoke
A vocalist looking/currently in a Rock/Metal band
A Demigod of the hopeless romantics
A sex addict (if you don't like that then I won't waste your time)
Compulsive/obsessive talker, don't know when to shut up
Annoying as piss, but cuter than hell
Have a really big heart, but not enough for all that betray me
I've had only 20 relationships in my life, and all of them ended badly
I still don't have children, and nobody will dare have mine.
I Forgive to an extent
My happiness is something that you can never take away from me
I have more love for you than you will ever have for me
I love to sing.....alot (so fuck you if you don't like it)
An old school/NuMetal soldier, so get the fuck over it
Always cheated on/used and abused, But never return the Favor
I'm a very intimate/emotional person in relationships or if i want you
I'm very dull when it comes to someone hitting on me/flirting with me

Don't lie...that bad, lol
Don't be with someone just to have them do everything i want
Not a controller/abuser/rapist
Love a Person that wants/needs me
Not even attractive in my town or the next town or the next town
Pretty much the friendzone commander.
Cause i'm a) nobody's type and b) nobody's attracted to me.
Know when to feel good about everything
Won't let you stay mad the entire time
I work too hard to make you smile
I work even harder not to make you mad
But i fight everyday to make you love me
Would you ever share My Secret Stories?
Would you ever love THIS great Despair??

AIM: VivaEmptiness05
Yahoo: Cocered_Existence07


Plain and simple.....i love me a big woman. it's fine if there's a woman that's not big that thinks i look good, but honestly there's not alot of you that like me like that.

I like italian foods
I like spanish foods, basically anything that's not hot or too spicy


People who say they're (insert age here) YOUNG! STFU!!!!

People who hit women

Girls who lie

Guys Who Lie

Girls who cheat

Guys Who Cheat

Girls who use an asshole as an excuse not to give a chance

guys who are assholes that ruin it for everyone else

I HATE jersey shore

I ABSOLUTELY hate the kardashians

I hate LMN, Lifetime, Women's Entertainment, Wedding planner

Honestly i just really fucking hate MTV & VH1

Girls who act like they're so badass when they can easily get hurt

People who are dishonest

People who lie on their profile about themselves

People who are cool online, but a PIECE OF SHIT in person

Bigots that worship jesus christ and expect to throw it down my face

Single Mom's who are shady and coniving

Single mom's who are Just complete fucking assholes

Single Dad's Who ditch their kids just to be "barney" from how i met your mother

Single mom's who do the same thing

The main thing i hate the most in life is the colour of ignorance

because if you "worship" rap music

and you only type, and talk like this....

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Favorite Music

36 crazyfists, 40 Below Summer, Adema, A Dozen Furies, The Agony Scene, allele, American Head Charge
Anal Cunt
Arch Enemy (Only Black Earth & Stigmata)
As We Fight, Backstabbers Inc., Beyond the Embrace, Biohazard, Bleed the Sky, Blood & Batteries, Bloodsimple, BREACH THE VOID, By Night, Byzantine, Caliban, Callenish Circle, CANNAE
Carnal Forge Chimaira, Coal Chamber, COLD, CROSSBREED, Dark Tranquillity
Darkane Daysend, The Defaced, Dead To Fall, Deftones, Devildriver, Diecast, Die Sektor, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Disarmonia Mundi, Dope, Down the Sun, DroiD, Dry Kill Logic, Earshot, Echo Seven, Econoline Crush, End of the Rope, epidemic, Erase the Grey, Evergrey, Eyes of Fire, Face Down, Finger Eleven, Five Finger Death Punch, Five Pointe O, FLAW, Forever It Shall Be, Freya, from autum To Ashes, From Zero, Full Devil Jacket, Ghost Machine, Godflesh, Godhead, God Dethroned, God Forbid, Grendel, HASTE, Hatesphere, The Haunted
Heaven Shall Burn
Hell Within (Only their debut album)
The Hollywood Mannequin Factory
Ill Nino
In Flames (I won't buy anything after 2004)
InThisDay, Into Eternity, Jacknife, KataKlysm, Katatonia, Kilgore, Killswitch Engage, KLANG!!!, KoRn, The Kovenant, Lack Of Love, Lamb of God, A Life Once Lost, Low Gear, Lunatic Candy Kreep, LyZanXia, Machine Head
Machinemade God (Only their debut album)
Martyr AD, Mastodon, Melted, Meshuggah, MNEMIC, Moonspell, Motograter, Mudvayne, Mushroomhead, MxD, Nightrage, NO ONE, NODE, Nonpoint, Nothingface, On A Pale Horse, Onesidezero, Orgy, Open Hand, Otep, Passenger, Phaze I, Phoenix Mourning, Preserved in Grace, prong, pro-pain, Rain Soilwork (I won't buy anything after 2003)
Sonic Syndicate, Soulgate's Dawn, Spineshank, Spit Can, stabbing westward, Static X, Stereomud, Submission-Denmark, Susperia, Sybreed

Favorite Movies

You should definitely message me if you're a big woman, cause i love me a big woman over a skinny one any day of the week
because "skinny girls are for whimps"
Talk to me if you want someone who's fun and enjoyable, but at the same time, take into understanding that i'm a person who loves ALOT of intimacy so you can't judge me for that

Favorite Books

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Glad to hear your band is doing well 1.gif

September 9, 2013, 11:08PM


Hey...IDK what's going on with facebook at all.
I've had to just get a different email and I'm going to wait awhile to see if I can figure out whos messing with it, but I'll be on this if you need me.
I really wish I didnt have to live around complete rejects and morons.



September 24, 2012, 5:07PM


Contracts on playing with some famous bands. That's exciting. I wish the best for you and your band :-)

July 6, 2012, 8:02PM


Hey, i know it's been a while. I've been good just busy with my new job. I work around the clock so i barely have time for sleep lately, let alone any social media sites ha. How have you been?

July 1, 2012, 6:32PM


Do i need to beat em up?

April 3, 2012, 1:37PM


not much you?

March 30, 2012, 4:09AM


You're a fucking idiot. I didn't come to Florida because I'd rather see you beg me to be with you. I think it's pretty funny. You know that you're hopeless and you can't make anyone happy. I dumped you when I was drinking because I felt sorry for you when I was sober. I've never met you so I cant love you. No one is ever going to want or love you. You know this so you tried getting with me. And I am out of your league. No one you ever have will be better than me in looks or personality. Youll just be alone for the rest of your life!

March 27, 2012, 3:44PM


How the hell are ya?!


Life is what happens while making other plans. - John Lennon

February 19, 2012, 12:14AM


I unfortunately dont have facebook.
Everyones been telling me to make one, but I've just never gotten around to it. Maybe I should stop being suck on sticking out and conform like everyone else. lol. Plus I haven't had my own computer until I moved in with Riley.
I'm glad you trust me enough to tell me about all these things, it's very hard to trust people nowadays, so I don't take that lightly.
I've trusted some people to the point of putting my whole life on the line for them only to have them spit in my face.
I've even had guys who dated me and when they found out I'm 1/4th black they pulled the 'nigger' card.
It's nice to have someone to listen to like this, and even though you're going through alot with your ex, know that I'm here if you ever need to just rant, about anything or everything.
Suppourt is the main key for recovery, and let me tell you, therapy isn't somethinng I ever thought I'd need.
But I havent touched a drink in three months, and I used to drink everyday.
Derrick always used to tell me that I'd never have anyone or anything, but you know what? One day Nicole will cheat on him and it'll be over. He'll beg me back and I'll just tell him to kick rocks.

February 17, 2012, 11:48PM


Wow...just wow. How similar our loe stories are...
I was with this guy named Derrick, my best friend Nicole set us up, and we were together for five years. No break ups, a little ups and downs, but we were great...or so I thought.
Around three years into the relationship, I came home from work,
and there they were, nicole and derrick in our bed. I snatched her up and screamed at her, told her that i was more angry with her than him because she was the friend who always seemed like she was there when I needed her...and then I find her becoming sloppy seconds with a guy I THOUGHT might be suitable for marriage.
And she runs out crying, begging me to understand she was under alot of stress. I confront Derrick, who tells me that he loves her, theyve been together the whole time. Well, guess I cant say we never broke up, because that night I left...I got drunk and hung out with my friends, came back. He tried to apologize, and for a week, I just ignored him. For the first three years, I helped pay for him to go to college, I helped him with depression and anxiety. After that week, I took him back because I thought that maybe things would change. They didnt. The last two years with him were awful, and I knew somehing was going on. Nicole had moved to another state, so I figured she wasn't a problem, then on our 5th year anniversary...I came into the house to find his bags packed, and he tells me that one weekend while he was supposed to be spending time with his cousin out of town, theyd slept together again and she was pregnant with his kid. Then he left...and since then I've just been trying to figure out where I went wrong in trusting them both. I completely understand the whole betrayal thing because I had helped him with EVERYTHING...he was adopted and his family was nuts...I mean all they did was down him and he had no one. I became what he needed. That still wasnt good enough.
You shouldn't think you're out of anyones league. Sorry that you're going through this, its like a living nightmare and if i had the answers id give them to you. I have noone going to therapy with me, and my roommate is okay but shes not really the suppourtive type. And the thing is, I don't want to be bitter about any of this because that never helps. I think its awful that she just threw you away after you helped day shell regret it all because the ones who break hearts are the last to cry.

February 17, 2012, 9:36PM

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