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About Me

I'm 21-years-old and while I'm not new to the site, this is a new profile for me. I had one a few years back and I deleted it due to various reasons. I'm working on a BA in Liberal Arts, as I'm very passionate when it comes to writing, editing, reading, ect. I also dabble in manipulating photos (namely of myself, but I've done some work for others as well) with Adobe Photoshop, and I draw.

I LOVE cats; I've got two of them: Tenshi and Freya. They're both maine coons and we spoil them to death.

While I don't claim to be of any particular religion, I lean more towards the pagan side of things, as my immediate family members are part of the Asatru and Pagan religions. I don't have a problem with anyone of Christian/Catholic/Protestant faith, so long as they do not push their beliefs, ideas and opinions on me--and that's not just religiously speaking, I dislike any beliefs ideas and opinions being thrusted in my direction.

I have an AMAZING boyfriend and I feel very honored to be the one he spends his life with. He is my support, strength and protector. While legally it's not so, in my heart he is already my husband.





Vampires (Not ones that sparkle--I'm talking Anne Rice Kickass Vampires)



Anything having to do with the German language (which I speak quite well)

Xbox 360

Gears of War

World of Warcraft

Guitar Hero (although my fingers hurt afterwards >,



Homework (strange, I know, but it's how I achieve a 4.0 GPA--nonstop homework!)

Makeup and Nailpolish!

My boyfriend's 2003 20th anniversary GTI--I LOVE the way it sexy, even if it IS "Imola yellow"

Southern Belle dresses--Like in Gone With the Wind

Vivien Leigh

Audrey Hepburn

My computer

Little kids (as long as they're not brats)



Shoes...lots and lots of shoes..


Twilight moves

Twilight vampires that sparkle...really...body glittler doesn't make you a vampire.

Renegade teenage Twilight fangirls. Screw team Edward, and fuck team Jacob. Get a real man. One sparkles, the other's just a bitch.



RUDE PEOPLE (get a lot of these working retail and I'll be honest...I just want to punch them)

People who let their children run around in stores breaking/ripping things apart.



Coors Lite

Scream music (I like to enjoy someone's voice. If I wanted to hear pointless screaming, I could totally just do it myself.)

Hillary Duff

Parking-space thiefs!

Guys who make catcalls and rude comments while hanging halfway out of their cars at a red-light because they see a girl walking on the sidewalk.


Swimming in water when I can't see what's underneath me...always afraid that there's some kind of pipe or something that's going to suck me under.

Emotional manipulation...

Animal abuse of any kind.

Facebook apps...

Favorite Music

I'll listen to almost any kind of music except for most gospel, some country, and scream bands...I don't like just listening to someone scream at the top of their lungs. It takes no talent...a 3-year-old could do the same thing.

Favorite Movies

Interview With the Vampire

Gone With the Wind

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Grandma's Boy

Step Brothers

Sex Drive (I just beaved a family of four...) HILARIOUS!

Abbot and Costello movies

Anything with Vin Diesel, Vivien Leigh, or Audrey Hepburn.

Tropic Thunder!

Beauty and the Beast


Hm...there's a lot more but strangely trying to think of them all makes me feel like my brain is on overload warning...

Favorite Books

Anything by:

Anne Rice
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Brent Weeks
Laurell K. Hamilton
Dan Brown

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